Warwick Fret Protector for 5-String Bass

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RockCare - Warwick Fret Protector for 5-String Bass
The RockCare Fret Protector, does exactly what it says - it protects your frets. Especially when shipping new instruments or your newly refitted darling from A to B this guard shields your frets from unsightly scratches and your fingerboard from irreparable dents made by the strings during transport. Two non-slip foam rubber pads hold the protector in place. Using the Fret Protector you will open your case or bag to find an instrument with pristinely finished, glistening frets and a flawless fingerboard, just like it left the workbench.

protective shield for frets and fingerboards
slides between strings and frets/fingerboard
protects frets and fingerboards from scratches and dents during transport
suitable for 5-string basses
manufactured of durable plastic
2 foam rubber cushions for keeping the shield in place during transport
length 690 mm (27 3/16)
width 43 - 69 mm (1 11/16 - 2 11/16)