Sadowsky / MetroExpress 21-Fret Verdine White Artist Line (RSD Logo)

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Sadowsky MetroExpress 21-Fret Verdine White Artist Line - Solid Olympic White High Polish
Roger Sadowsky's goal was always to further improve an already very successful bass design by making a number of detailed improvements. Along with the electronics, which he developed by himself, he succeeded to raise the well-known P/J-bass sound to a new level, so today you can speak of a typical Sadowsky tone: Never harsh or shrill sounding, with strong, powerful but never muddy bass, with present, but not too aggressive mids, and a sweet and airy treble range. All features of this modern bass sound can also be found on the MetroExpress artist model of Verdine White, famous bass player of 'Earth, Wind & Fire', a band whose sound is significantly shaped by his powerful bass sound. This Verdine White Bass features a Solid Olympic White High Polish finish, a P/J pickup configuration, no pickguard and a fingerboard made of Morado – also known as Pau Ferro.

Sadowsky MetroExpress Verdine White Artist Line Bass
right hand version
4-string electric bass
34" (864 mm) long scale
bolt-on construction
Okume body
Maple neck
Morado (Pau Ferro) fingerboard
12" fingerboard radius
Sadowsky Just-A-Nut III nut
1.5" (38.5 mm) nut width
21 nickel silver frets (width: 0.094" (2.4 mm) / height: 0.051" (1.3 mm))
passive Sadowsky P-Style pickup (neck)
passive Sadowsky J-Style pickup (bridge)
active Sadowsky 2-way electronics
controls for Volume / Balance / Treble / Bass
Sadowsky Light machine heads with open gear
string spacing 2.36" (60 mm)
Sadowsky S-style security locks
Sadowsky bridge with quick string release
chrome hardware
stainless steel 045 - 105 strings
Solid Olympic White High Polish finish
weight max. 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)
incl. hex key tools