Sabian / 18” B8X O-Zone

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Drumset Cymbals / Crashes / B8X / 18” B8X O-Zone

18” B8X O-Zone

Catalog ID: 41800X

With a double 8-hole ring of response-enhancing holes, the 18″ B8X O-Zone responds rapidly with a combination of bright explosion and dirty agitation. Like the perennial best-seller SABIAN B8 Pro O-Zone, this radical model features similar multi-holed design as HHX and AAX O-Zone crashes, but the double ring design delivers even attack that is aggressive, raw and nasty. SABIAN O-Zone crashes are not your typical crash, they’re a crude and aggressive combination of a thin crash and a Chinese. The sixteen 1.5″ holes serve to lighten the weight of the cymbal. So while its size and volume remain the same, the response is actually much faster because there’s less metal mass to move.

Attributes Focused Bright B8

Other Sizes 16"