Music Nomad / Trumpet Brush Set - 3 pc. (MN765)

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MusicNomad has set a new higher standard for what you should expect when you buy a trumpet cleaning & care brush kit. Each product is so well thought out that you will appreciate each feature & benefit it will bring you & your trumpet. The 2 'n 1 Mouthpiece & Cup Brush comes with premium fibers, protective bumper tips & an ergonomic handle that makes cleaning a cinch. The extra long Valve Casing Brush covers 100% of the valve casing & comes with premium fibers & an ergonomic handle. The unique Snake Cleaning Brush features a flexible design that uncoils straight, Vinyl free, waterproof protective liner & pro quality fibers for effective cleaning of grime & saliva. It even comes in a convenient resealable, reusable, & recyclable storage bag. That's MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in equipment care. 

  • 2 'n 1 MOUTHPIECE BRUSH: Extra long 3.5 in/9 cm length to clean the entire backbore & throat. Flip it around and use our short & wide cup brush. Premium medium stiff fibers, protective bumper tips & our ergonomic handle makes cleaning both effective and fun!
  • EXTRA LONG VALVE CASING BRUSH: 5 in/13 cm of premium medium stiff fibers that cover the entire valve casing. Ergonomic "spin" handle for comfort & control and our protective bumper tip
  • SNAKE BRUSH: 34 in/86 cm features a tangle-free & flexible design that uncoils straight. Vinyl free, waterproof protective liner over premium stainless steel protects your instrument. Our pro quality fibers are the perfect tensile strength you need for effective cleaning of grime & saliva
  • Comes with a convenient resealable storage bag that is made with recyclable PET/PE material