Warwick Yellow Label / Bass String Set, 4-String, Medium Light, .040-.100

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After decades of building bass guitars and cooperating with bass players, we developed strings that meet everybody’s needs. The Warwick Strings series delivers high quality, long lasting strings with a smooth feel for effortless playability. With advancements in technology of materials and manufacturing techniques, we are able to produce very durable strings and lower the tension, but keep the traditional feel and sound. The Warwick Strings have a huge bottom end, but retain the midrange bark that cuts through any type of mix. They are well balanced and provide very precise intonation and an extremely wide dynamic range. The Warwick Yellow Label Strings are our warmer, rich sounding, roundwound nickel plated strings. These are high quality strings made in the USA. The Yellow Label Strings are available in different gauges as string sets or singles strings.



electric bass guitar strings

4-string set

medium light

.040“, .060“, .080“, .100“

nickel-plated steel

long scale


hexagonal core

smooth surface

warm and rich tone

made in U.S.A.